About us

Who we are

Blastic Designs started off as a small business on Enjin in late 2012. For a low price, we offered decent graphic designs and complete Enjin website makeovers.

Blastic Designs on a PC

What made us begin this as a job was simply our love for the profession. The thought of making a bit of money while doing something we love was astonishing. By 2013, we already had a few orders and were aiming to go bigger. So we worked hard, trying to get better. As a result, a wider selection of graphics was available.

During 2013 our business was gradually growing bigger, while more and more customers started coming. By the end of the year, one of our designers had to leave for personal reasons, therefore leaving only two of us to process all the orders. In 2014, business started booming. Hence we decided to say goodbye to Enjin and move to an entirely new, unique website.

After lots of time and effort, the website was perfected. Furthermore, we decided it was time to start investing into advertisements. As a result, we gained in popularity, and since then we have been getting constant orders, all with positive feedback.

It is in our finest interest that we provide you with the best, all for an affordable price, as money is not our goal, but for the experience and being able to help people by doing something that we love doing.

As you may have read in our FAQ , our customers are provided with endless amounts of revisions. This is to make sure that they are 100% happy and satisfied with the result of their order.