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Web development

We can create a unique, mobile-friendly website for personal use or for a business, ready to be released within a short period of time. All of our websites are built with the latest design trends in the market, completed with efficient and secure backbone.

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Graphic design

Branding to a business is like the architecture to a building. Our team can create excellent, unique designs to make your brand stand out. We have you covered; from logo design to business cards, Brochures, Mailers, Letterheads and the list goes on.

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Search Engine Optimization. This is one of the key factors a website owner must take into consideration when creating a website. We are renowned for SEO, with over 3 years of experience, we can ensure your website is ranked higher on search engine listings.

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What our clients say


mahan – Star trac

Great people, great price

I recently ordered there services and placed a fairly large order of 1 logo, 2 profile pictures and a banner. At first i was unsure about these guys, but just because i have been scammed with this stuff before. So with that being said i wasn't really to sure what to expect when i first contacted these guys. But i soon realized after a few hours of talking to them that they were trust worthy people.

Not only where they trust worthy but also they helped me and my team develop our ideas behind all of our art and fine exactly what we liked and wanted. I have to say i'm very pleased with the professionalism and creativity behind them.

I would definitely use them again, i also highly recommend them.

Core – Undisclosed Gaming
Blastic Designs was extremely helpful with creating my server icon. It was a great icon for the price, and I did not have to wait too long for the finished product. They are professional and will work with you for any changes you want, so I definitely recommend purchasing from them.
PrankCallsMc – Desolate Lands
Thanks Mahan for all of your hard work! Thanks to Nikola for your design expertise! We are really grateful for Blastic Designs and have purchased from them before. Always satisfied with their efficient, and quality work. We'll be back when we need something else done!
Jackson – MultiVoid
Gotta give credit to Mahan and Nikola who worked with me and my girlfriend on our enjin website. We were were picky with what we wanted and how we wanted it and yet they were patient enough to do every little tedious thing that we asked them to do. I think that everything turned out wonderfully, doesn't look anything like your typical enjin website. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to update their server website to something a bit more stylish.
Alen – HeartillyCraft
Vouch for Mahan, he makes really nice logo's! Mahan also made the new MCM default avatars.
BeBosny –
Based on my experiences with Mahan from Blastic Designs, this company can be described as professional, cooperative, and committed. I only had the pleasure to meet one employee, but he was able to deliver a product beyond my expectations in only one to two days. I would recommend this company to others looking for detailed and unique graphic designs. 5/5
Eliot – ElixirMC
Vouch for Blastic Designs! Made me a awesome server icon, He made sure I liked the final design and he was happy to change something that I wanted changing. Friendly and didn't take very long.
Owenftw – PrestigiousMC
Blastic Designs provided an excellent and professional service from start to finish. They made all requested updates very quickly, I was really impressed with response times. I would highly recommend this company.
Sebastian Waszczuk – Grizzly Hills
Vouch for Mahan made me amazing logo. Very easy to work with.
GameForFun – DesiredPVP
Blastic Designs is a company you go back to, they are very understanding and will not be finished until you are completely satisfied. I came back, and I got the best service ever. I'm very happy with the design that they worked on hours end to complete, took long because I was picky and they still did an amazing job :0
Pearl – TrekCraft
I found them online by searching  "Best forum designers" and obviously I saw them...I clicked on and I taught it was perfect but then about the price range.. I then got in touch with Mahan and the prices were the best I've found literally 20$ for portal and FREE design Dang that cheap!... The quality of their work and the way it's quick and brilliant I was really pleased with the outcome! I would definitely recommend.
GhostToggles – OptimisPVP
Blastic Designs Offered great experienced staff that know code. They came on and fixed my custom website from this old beginner dev that had almost no idea what he was doing. He cleaned up a lot of unneeded stuff. Overall great experience however the price was a bit steep for a small server.
Mathew Maccord – FearlessCraft
Blastic Designs did a wonderful job with our website and logo. Customer support was fast and they were a fantastic team to work with. I would highly recommend them!
Anna Armstrong – Age of Conquest
Blastic Designs is a great web design company to work with, whether you have a small, medium or large community they can provide. Amazing support and always there to provide what you need.
Hoplox – Callous Gaming
Great people to work with! Fast and diligent, came across with a few issues with the voting site I used, they didn't complain and immediately fixed it!
TheFearlessMiner – Fearless Pixelmon
Blastic Designs are quite unique in their own way. They do the job to your liking no matter how much work it may be. It is one service I will always come back to.
Pearl – TrekCraft
Blastic Designs is cheap, artistic and amazing! I definitely would hire them again for any server development or art that I would need.
Beaverer – Tropical Network
Blastic designs can make whatever design you need fast and effectively. The outcome is always professional looking.
nerdfuryz – Dran MC
Great service quick responses would definitely use them again.
SentisUK – Nechron
Blastic Designs... Is in no comparison to another other design company. It's in another league
Myles Browne – EthoraxMC
I really loved the design. It was simple and awesome. Thanks bro!
Kei Tsukiyama –
Great designs and great support, thanks again.
Tizakk – RebootMC
This guy made a perfect quality website banner for my website in just half hour or so... awesome job
LOCO_X_KILLER – EnchantedMiners
Easy to work with. Top notch customer service and would definitely recommend Blastic Designs for high quality professional work!
SolarXD – EmberCraft